Humanities lessons at Westhaven are delivered through the single subjects of Geography & History. RE has its own specific session that all lower and middle school learners enjoy. Experiences in humanities promote an appreciation of their geographical and historical location at all scales, their social communities in the context of the wider world and how these have changed and developed in the course of time.

These learning experiences also enhance children’s potential to become effective, caring participants in society and could promote continuing study and interests for later life threw fun, active and informative learning episodes.

At Westhaven we deliver Geography, History and RE in years 5, 6, 7 (known as lower school) and years  8 & 9 (known as middle school). Lower learners receive Humanities and RE via their topic sessions. In Middle learners receive 40 mins per week Geography, History and RE. Humanities do not continue at present into KS4. In Upper, RE & Humanities is delivered non-specifically via PSHE and ASDAN.

Most Humanities lessons are taught by a subject specialist in the humanities room which has an interactive white board, learners also have access to the ICT facilities and Ipads within the Humanities classroom.

All learners in Middle school have access to a range of fieldwork which is linked to the SOW and will allow them to see first-hand what they have been studying.


RE lessons follow a very primary framework due to the needs of our learners. It is very hands on and discussion based. The SOW has been developed with support from the RE advisor.

Feedback from learners (from Questionnaires completed for subject review):

  • 83% enjoy Humanities, 17% were not sure and none said they did not enjoy it.
  • 38% said Geography was their favourite aspect of Humanities, 52% said History and 10% RE.
  • 42% of learners said they enjoy it because it was fun and interesting, 29% enjoy it because they like learning about different countries and people, 16% enjoy learning about world wars and 13% had other reasons.
  • When asked what they would like to learn more about 40% of learners said world wars, 21% other countries 12% said the black death, the rest was shared between rivers, Egypt, castles and maps.
  • 90% said they enjoyed using the ICT to help them with their work.
  • 65% of learners thought using the Humanities computers/I pads had improved their work.
  • 97% liked the Humanities room!