Friends of Westhaven Parent Teacher Association

Who are we - what do we do?

The Friends of Westhaven PTA is a group of interested parents (past and present!) and staff who are willing to give a little of their time to support Westhaven school. You are always welcome to just come along to the meetings, which are every month or so, depending on the time of year. You can also volunteer to help with the many fund-raising events – a good way to meet other parents and staff on a more informal basis.

Come and join us – you’ll enjoy it!

Members of the Parent Teachers and Friends Association


Paul Chillingworth

Vice Chair

Dawn Morgan


Amy Colvin


Laura Fulton

Committee Members:

Jamie Peacock
Chris Ashworth
Tanya Bryant
Kirsty Garrett
Nancy Hurman
Emma Wells
Sue Houghton

Minutes of last meeting: