Vision – Values – Ethos

Our values and ethos

At Westhaven School our purpose is to ensure that all our learners receive a personalised education in order for them to increase self-esteem, reach full potential and emerge to become valued and valuable members of the community.

We provide our learners therefore with rich, creative and enjoyable learning experiences, which enhance and support independence and raise aspirations for lifelong learning, thus creating healthy, safe, happy, confident individuals, resilient and able to flourish in a competitive and challenging world. We have high expectations of our learners and strive to keep our excellent reputation.

We work in collaboration with parents/carers and other wider community partners to ensure that together we can prepare our learners appropriately with the knowledge, skills, aptitudes and understanding required for a successful life as a responsible citizen in the wider community.

Our Vision, According to Our Learners

Westhaven School:

  • Educates us
  • Prepares us
  • Inspires us
  • Cares for us
  • Helps us
  • Values us
  • Challenges us
  • Works hard
  • Gives us opportunities
  • Builds our independence
  • Has High Expectations of us
  • Keeps us safe at school
  • Teaches us right and wrong

We have:

  • Help to learn and do our best:
  • Smaller classes, lots of adults to teach us and help us learn Help to focus
  • Teachers who know us
  • Help so that we can go to college or get a job when we leave Chance to prepare for the next stage in our life with transition days, work experience, college and life skills Exams so we get qualifications
  • Chance to go to college in year 11
  • Help with friendships, personal and social skills:
  • Freedom of Self Expression
  • Residential trips, which give us the chance to visit places we would not otherwise be able to.
  • Help us to look smart
  • Help to feel happy and included Help to become confident
  • “I am proud” certificates, which value our achievements

Help for our future:

  • Cooking lessons and healthy eating E-Safety for life
  • PSHE and life skills which prepare us for life ICT to help us be computer literate
  • Sports to develop physically and our team player skills Opportunities to grow in independence
  • Lessons to learn about the world of work and find out about careers.
  • We get to do lots of special things:
  • Chance to do lots of nice things like swimming, sports, cooking, driving lessons and music lessons
  • Interesting activities After school clubs
  • School council and learner voice Trips and visits
  • Chance to play instruments Fun! Fun! Fun!

Westhaven wants us to be:

  • Prepared for life
  • Healthy
  • Computer literate
  • Looking smart
  • Well mannered
  • Able to work with others
  • Competitive
  • Enterprising
  • Skilled
  • Celebrated
  • Independent
  • Happy and safe