Free transport may be provided for learners who meet the Local Education Authority criteria.  There is generally an escort on each larger vehicle, but it is the parents’ responsibility to deliver the learner to the vehicle.  It is not part of the escort’s duties to knock on doors for learners.

When the learner arrives home, it is for the parents to decide if their child will be met at the bus/taxi point.  The escort will not bring the learner to the door.  The transport will rarely run early, but may occasionally be delayed by traffic conditions, breakdown or weather.  Should the transport fail to arrive, it is the responsibility of parents to make sure the learner is able to return home or to a relative or friend.

If a parent wishes their child to be dropped off at a different address after school, notice must be given and the school must be informed in writing.  If a learner is to go to the house of another learner, then permission of both sets of parents is needed in writing.  This can only extend to a change of vehicles if the vehicle is not already full with its normal load of learners and the taxi company is in agreement.  This will need to be checked with the Special Needs Transport Department at the Town Hall.

Appropriate behaviour is expected on school transport from all learners at all times.  Should there be any problems parents are asked to contact the Special Needs Transport Department in the Town Hall on 01934 888 888.

When learners are old enough they are encouraged to travel to school using public transport.  A free bus pass is provided.  Learners are also allowed to ride bicycles to school when they have written parental permission, however we cannot accept any responsibility for the safety of bicycles and have no bicycle sheds.  Any bicycle brought to school must be roadworthy and learners should wear cycling helmets.