Westhaven 6th Form


In Westhaven 6th Form, we provide a more structured and secure environment for those learners who are not quite ready for the independence of other post-16 providers. We challenge our learners to be the best that they can be and our goal is for each individual to leave us with the skills and tools needed to move on to their next steps. Our curriculum takes into consideration the long term outcomes of the individual and focuses on supporting learners to become more independent in all aspects of their lives.

The long term outcomes are taken directly from the Education Health and Care plan (EHCP) and are reviewed annually. Our curriculum focuses on 4 key areas:

  • Education and employment
  • Community inclusion
  • Independent living
  • Health

You may recognise these from the preparation for adulthood section of the EHCP.

Employment and training

Learners will have a timetable of work experience during their time in 6th Form. Placements vary widely and include being involved in a learner-led business (including school fayre projects), internal placements, external placements and may be supported or unsupported and individual or group-led. 

All learners will work towards a range of qualifications while in 6th Form. We use a number of exam boards and personalise the curriculum on a yearly basis to best meet the needs of the cohort. Learners will work towards qualifications in areas such as employability, enterprise and independent living skills. Some learners may undertake qualifications in Westhaven School if appropriate. All learners will work towards maths and English qualifications at a level suitable to their need, which may include Functional Skills or GCSE resits.

As part of our schools careers programme, all learners have the opportunity to meet with an independent careers adviser, learners also have the opportunity to visit other education and training establishments to give them a full understanding of what opportunities are available to them.

Independent Living

Our curriculum promotes independence in all of our learners. This includes teaching learners to make their own choices, developing the skills to live independently later in life, travel training (all learners receive a free bus pass),  looking after the home and managing their own emotions. Learners are taught out in the local community as much as possible and are encouraged to use the skills learnt at 6th Form in their free time.

Community Inclusion

A sense of community is very important to everyone at Westhaven School and we encourage our learners to embrace this. We access local community facilities, build relationships with local companies (especially to enhance our work placements) and we teach our learners to become actively involved in their communities every year by sponsoring a local charity. We also believe it is important to support our learners to develop their social skills and friendship groups so we support them to meet with learners from other local provisions for social events. Although kept separate from Westhaven School in many ways, our learners are still very much part of the main school through their involvement in running stalls at school fairs, some learners attending lessons in the main school and through participating in weekly work experience placements.


We support all learners to manage their own physical and mental health. Learners learn about healthy living, are encouraged to exercise and to read for pleasure and are supported in budgeting, shopping for and preparing healthy lunches. The class have access to practical learning to support health including PE and swimming. They also have weekly meditation sessions and lego therapy and have access to the Westhaven School therapy team.


Learners in 6th form have their own learning area, with cooking facilities, computer workstations and outdoor social area. They have a separate entrance from the rest of the school and work alongside staff to ensure it is kept clean and tidy. We encourage learners to take pride in themselves, their surroundings and to find their individual style. Learners wear the Westhaven 6th Form hoodie with pride and are invited to input their ideas regarding decor in the 6th form area. 

All learners follow personalised timetables combining qualification work, work experience placements, enterprise and skills for independence (including travel training, exercise and independent living). Every week, learners plan for their lunches and prepare them on a daily basis in the 6th form kitchen. Learners eat together in their own “chill out” area and are encouraged to follow social expectations in eating, drinking and conversing. 

We recognise that effective communication with parents / carers is vital to ensure our learners’ needs and best interests are met. Every morning, the 6th Form staff team “check in” with learners and check home / school diaries for any messages. Any safeguarding concerns are reported to the school safeguarding team in line with the Safeguarding Policy. 


The 6th form team checks in with the class every morning. Any concerns are addressed and a 1-1 is offered. The course is designed to support the EHCP outcomes and reviews ensure that the provision is suitable for the learner. Their progress against qualifications is tracked by the 6th Form teacher who liaises closely with subject leaders from the main school for planning, assessment and moderation.