Westhaven WOW!


Leo is kind and thoughtful and will always look out for the younger learners within the school.

He is a keen footballer and loves to spend his time on the pitch at break and lunch times. He has also represented Westhaven on many occasions in local tournaments. 

Leo is developing into a very confident and polite young man. His journey through school has not always been a smooth one, but he demonstrates what being a resilient learner is all about.

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Thomas started in 2016 in year 6. Thomas moved to 6th form W6 in year 12 with anxieties surrounding preparation of food and food tasting.

Thomas had always brought a packed lunch and had a limited diet at home.

He had not prepared hot meals to eat in school and found this new experience overwhelming when starting 6th form.

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Evan attends full time and is a remarkable learner. He was awarded the Towler cup for achievement in his first term at Westhaven due to his progress with attendance and self regulation skills. 

Evan also now attends a higher level maths group without his tutor or known support staff. 

Evan’s attendance is now 69.4% and continuously rising.

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Miley is a fun and engaging member of the Lower School community. She has come such a long way since starting with us at Westhaven and we are all incredibly proud of her.

Miley is learning to regulate her emotions and talk more openly about how she is feeling. She is using her Zones of Regulation Toolkit to manage her feelings in situations that are unfamiliar.

Miley will now always take part in class learning activities and will offer support to others.
Miley is kind, has a fabulous sense of humour and is growing in independence.

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Kida began her Westhaven journey as part of Truro Pathways. Kida spent a number of years with Pathways, receiving 1-1 provision.

In September 2021, Kida joined Chester Class as a permanent learner. This was her first full class placement since beginning at Pathways. Kida spent 2 years in Chester and is now in Cardiff as part of our KS3 cohort.

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